On time with WWV

Did you ever see one of those wonderful clocks that set themselves? Those clocks receive a signal from WWV at NIST. NIST radio station WWV broadcasts time and frequency information 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to millions of listeners worldwide. WWV is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, about 100 kilometers north of Denver. The broadcast information includes time announcements, standard time intervals, standard frequencies, UT1 time corrections, a BCD time code, geophysical alerts and marine storm warnings.

The frequencies are easy to remember! 2.5mHz, 5mHz, 10mHz, 15mHz, 20mHz, and recently 25mHz was revived.

Check out the WWV Web Site

Did you know you can have your computer synchronize time to the NIST atomic clock? In fact, using time based digital modes like JT65 it’s an absolute must to hear and to be heard. Also, you can use WWV as a reference source for calibrating your gear, and knowing the propagation to Colorado!

Check out a lesson from Alan Wolke W2AEW on using WWV to zero beat a frequency counter