New to Facebook?

A lot of our members have considerable years of experience in social media already! CW and SSB are now augmented, however, with the fancy digital modes and yes… Facebook!

The digital modes are well covered, but it seems like Facebook is still a topic we never talk about. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other social media outlets online, are wonderful tools for augmenting the amateur radio hobby. Keep in touch with contacts you make on the air who might not have the time to be on the air regularly! Also, keep in touch with your friends and family! Share your on-air experiences with friends, family, and all those grand kids who you’d love to see get on the air as well.

If you can open up a new radio and jump in without reading the manual right away, you’re already more than capable of using online social media.

Check out today and sign up for an account. It’s easy! Once you do, you can watch this video and get some basic training for Facebook. Don’t forget to friend your fellow LARC members, and search for the club by name so you can follow our page and join our group conversation. Keeping up with club friends and conversations is easy when you’re away from home with Facebook!