Quick Notes

The General Class has been finalized!

It will start Sep 26 2017, and will require you to Pre-register.!

It will also be held on Tuesdays and Saturdays and the test will be on Oct 28th 2017.


Please consider purchasing the License Manual before class


  Repeater News

The Board of Directors of LARC, announces that on January 26, 2017, we  entered into a five year lease agreement with a major broadcast group that will allow the KD2SL Repeater Group to continue to operate their repeaters from their current  tower sites, south of the city of Syracuse. Recent changes in corporate policy has required that a 501(c)3 organization, lease the space on the towers for Amateur Radio use. Kevin Tubbs, KD2SL will be the Trustee of all the repeaters at the two sites and his group will be responsible for all maintenance and insure that FCC rules are followed on those repeaters. All current nets and public service announcements will continue as before. KD2SL will become a member of the Board and file a monthly report with the Board as to the status of the repeaters under his control.

larc bootcamp

Have an idea you’d like to present at a Boot Camp session? No problem! We’d love to have you! Please contact Pete Sochocki K2VGN to arrange a time when you can present a topic you’re passionate about. Sharing your experiences with other hams helps keep the bands clean, and allows you to honor the sacred tradition of elmering your fellow hams in an area you happen to be proficient with.

We are now featuring the current cover of the Longwire and the club calendar. You’ll find them on the menu above. The site has lots of great features, and we would be happy to provide  you with more if it will serve you as  a club member.