November 6, 2015

This month we have a wonderful presentation on JT65 digital mode for HF. Work patiently and diligently to make contacts at distances you’ve never been able to hit using this weak signal mode that takes full advantage of all the benefits of HF communications. As always, we will be offering VE testing and the general membership meeting. Also, the annual December Christmas party is coming up! Please get in touch with Sharon May KA2TNK to reserve your seat before they’re gone!


October 12, 2015

Please join us this month at the general membership meeting for the LARC Auction! Come early to register your items for viewing and don’t forget to bring your wallet! If you have an item of value that you’d like to be advertised before the auction please contact Amir Findling K9CHP, or Chris Dion KD2CWA and we’ll be happy to accept a description and some photos to share on the website and Facebook feeds so people will be able to plan ahead to bid.

October 12, 2015

Join us for Boot Camp this month where the topic of discussion will be station grounding! K2RSY Frank Wiethuechter will be presenting this topic that’s important to new and old hams alike! Proper station grounding not only protects all your sensitive investments in the shack, it also keeps you sounding good on the air! Come check it out!

Have an idea you’d like to present at a Boot Camp session? No problem! We’d love to have you! Please contact Pete Sochocki K2VGN to arrange a time when you can present a topic you’re passionate about. Sharing your experiences with other hams helps keep the bands clean, and allows you to honor the sacred tradition of elmering your fellow hams in an area you happen to be proficient with.